Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Vintage Pinafore Simplicity 7197

On our way home from our last holiday we did an Op Shop crawl.
In the Horsham St Vinnies I found this gorgeous little number.
I had some odd pieces of denim left from sewing some Hudson's pants for Elsa and an apron for Sarvi.
To try and reduce the stash and to have some projects ready-to-go I have begun the practice of using up the whole piece of fabric.
It is working well, I sew a garment and offer up the leftovers to the Fab Five.
It is quite fun to watch the scrabble.
I find the best way to 'modernise' a vintage pattern is to sew it in solid.
This is a light weight denim that I picked up a few years back.
A 30 m roll purchased on eBay for $30. It bleeds like a stuck pig for the first few washes but does settle nicely.
I used some cute stylised bunny buttons I picked up on my Melbourne trip.
I actually like the pieces best, separately.
The dress was so long I did a huge hem.
I had to piece the skirt of the pinafore but I don't think you can tell.
How cute are these buttons?
How cute is this child?
Those shoulder ruffles!
And the bow!
~My Verdict~
So. In. Love.
The dress was a quick sew, the pinafore was reasonably complicated but so worth it.
I love sewing vintage patterns, I feel quite an accomplishment as they use skills that I don't use as frequently with modern sewing.
Did I mention how much I love shoulder ruffles?

Thanks for reading.
xx N

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Vintage Overalls

Another gorgeous remnant from The Drapery
Some luscious cotton velvet, another fabric gift from Beamish.
Tildy immediately claimed it and requested overalls.
So she would feel like a baby seal.
I tossed around the Loveralls but the velvet was rigid and they really need a stretch fabric.
I had a look though my vintage patterns and found...
Tilly fit in the chest measurement just fine and there was little shaping to the legs so I just added length, folding back the bell bottom to more straight leg.
But I forgot about the straps.
I forgot to lengthen the straps again.
Luckily, I remembered before I had finished the front facing so I added an extension at the front.
To try a make a mistake into a feature I used some fancy buttons I picked up in Melbourne.
The very simple design lets the velvet do all the talking.
I do love my little girls in overalls.
The back elastic help with the fit, the shoulder straps are stitched in the middle to stop them twisting.
~Tildy's Verdict~
I love the buttons and how they are adjustable. (The straps)
The pocket on the front is very cute and my tiny hands fit in there perfectly.
They are very warm and snuggly and also very fluffy to play in.
They so fluffy and I love them so much.
~My Verdict~
I think I got very lucky with this sew. I can't believe I forgot the straps a second time.
Although it is simple pattern it did sew up nicely and Tildy finds them very comfortable.
I reversed the nap of the velvet (A Liesl tip) for an extra lush look.
The puff sleeve blouse is sewn from another Drapery purchase.
A double gauze-type stuff with a abstract copper coloured dot.
Very soft and silky.
I used the same pattern I used to make Trixie'sbut sewed it up in a size 8.
It is a bit big but that is okay!
Jed has been ringing around the Spotlight stores in Australia and has got Tilly 2m of copper coloured denim for shiny, shiny overalls for next Winter, there should be enough left for a shiny, shiny skirt too.
It took some serious #ninjacutting to get this blouse out of the metre cut.
I did end up with a 'blank' strip down one side of the zipper but I think it is fine.
Again, I left out the stiffening from the sleeve cap and let the gathers fall softly.
This 'statement piece' style of blouse works well under pinnies and dungarees.  

Thank you for reading xx N

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Formal Sewing for Zara Lekala #5194

A very last minute sew.
Zara, originally, had purchased a dress for her formal.
It was cute but she decided it would be more suitable for clubbing rather then an elegant evening out.

She knew what she wanted, a wrap-around slip dress with a very plunging 'V' with ultra thin shoe string straps.
After a peruse of Lekala she found just the dress Lekala #5194.
Custom fit, to her measurements.
I loved the flounce but Zara, not so much, so we left it off.
The fabric is silk satin, from our Melbourne shopping trip $8/m
~Zara's Verdict~
This dress is absolutely to die for!
It is exactly what I had in mind and more. It's sexy but not  skanky. The fabric is so, so stunning, it has such a lush look and feel to it.
Luckily I am part of the itty bitty titty community so all I need to wear it is some satin nipple covers.
I really, really love this pattern. I plan to have a white linen one with the long skirt and a black one and a gingham version with a shorter hem.
Thank you so much Mum!! 
~My Verdict~
Lekala has saved us, again.
It is so nice to be able to sew something up, without a muslin and know it is going to be pretty jolly close to perfect.
The silk satin was a challenging sew but the drape is divine.
It truly is as soft as cobwebs.
Zara looked so beautiful. 
To see a short video of the dress in motion click here 

Thanks for reading xx N

Friday, September 15, 2017

Vintage Pinafore for Tilly

For my birthday this year, Hugo went shopping at The Drapery for the best kind of gift, fabric!
He picked my up a remnant of Japanese denim, for me and I just managed to squeeze a pinny, for Tildy, from it.
I used a vintage pattern, Simplicity 8374 and added two asymmetric pockets (Tilly chose the  placement, showing me where her hands sat comfortably)
There was not enough fabric left for the facings so I used some scraps from Tildy's Music Class blouse.
I have not sewn with Japanese denim before. It has a silky feel to it and a lovely sheen.
I have a hankering to sew a jacket in it.
I used heavy, copper coloured top stitching thread.
The pinny ended up a wee bit short but will look very cute over leggings.
~Tildy's Verdict~
The pockets I love because they are all on the side.
It is so cute and really almost works with anything.
I love it and it works with my hairstyle.
It is also perfect size for my tiny, tiny hands.
~My Verdict~
A very nice vintage pattern.
I do like the way they were a lot more fabric conscious in the 60's and 70's. Material was generally narrower and the pattern drafters seen to take that into account. The fact that I was able to cut this from a remnant is testament to that.
I prefer facings to binding on heavier fabric, it reduces under arm bulk which can be uncomfortable. 
As for the fabric, sometimes I wish my stash would self-combust so I could buy ALL my material from The Drapery.
Believe the hype about Japanese denim, it is that nice.

Thank you for reading

xx N


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Lekala #4398 for Elsa

Elsa is off to Ireland next year to work as farm labourer/ au pair and was advised polar fleece jumpers and t-shirts were the go!
Once again, we turned to trusty Lekala and #4398.
The polar fleece was purchased from Spotlight.
Elsa chose her least favourite fleece for the first one and I sewed it up, fitting it as I went.
Immediately we could see the pockets would not work to actually hold anything. The opening is at the bottom of the bag. (on my pattern, that is where the notches were)
We made note to lift this on subsequent jackets.
Elsa wanted quite a slim fit so I trimmed 3 cm's from the sleeve tapering down to a scant cm at the cuff.
All the panels help give the jacket a nice fit.
That is the beauty of Lekala, the custom fit.
Raising the pockets was a simple modification and worked well.
Elsa requested vinyl zipper pull tabs.
I was finding this a bit of a tedious sew, so I prettied up the facings with some bias.
I also interfaced all the facings and front strip where the zipper attached, for stability when sewing and when wearing.
A nice fitting sports jacket.
Ready for work.
~Elsa's Verdict~
The sweaters are warm and comfortable, they zip up nicely and are slightly fitted.
The sleeves are slightly shorter then my arms so the hem doesn't get wet while I work.
The colours are great and they will be perfect for work.
~My Verdict~
I am not sure why mu pocket notches were so low, on the diagram they are fine but for a $3 pattern, I am not quibbling.
The instructions were okay for this one, I just don't enjoy sewing polar fleece.

Thank you for reading.
xx N

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Lekala #7154 Hooded Jacket

I love sewing for Zara!
She is so enthusiastic and gets really involved in all the details.

She has been wanting a nude hooded jacket f o r e v e r.
Nude unbrushed cotton fleece, have you ever tried to find nude unbrushed fleece?
I googled my little fingers off to no avail.

Then, around Mothers Day, Spotlight had a 40% off fabric, storewide.

Trixie was poorly and wanted to feed all the time so I cruised through the whole website.
Spotlight online is a really crappy website. It is clunky and has a horrid search function.
I found this fabric , washed unbleached coral fleece with the co ordinating ribbing.
Zara loved the colour so we gave it a go.
One nude hooded jacket.
Once again, we returned to Lekala and Zara chose this unisex jacket.
Lekala patterns are custom made, to your body measurements.
Lekala instructions are pretty brief at the best of times, this patterns were pretty much non-existent but I got there.
It sits just on her hips, I felt it could have done with a ribbing waist band but, noooo, she wanted it that way.
I am surprised how much I like it.
The drop shoulder drapes elegantly and the colour is quite sophisticated.
Zara didn't want the cord at the neck, she preferred a clean look.
I have repeat orders for a black, grey and white version, for University next year.
~Zara's Verdict~
This jumper is exactly what I had in mind, from the colour and feel of the fabric to the pattern. It`s absolutely perfect. Thankyou so, so much mum. It is extremely comfortable but still looks dressy. Next a white one please mum : D

Thanks for reading...
xx N